New Discovery

picture from Goodreads

picture from Goodreads

I read “Prismatica” by L. David Hesler last night. When reading the description on Amazon I figured I could read a bit here and a bit there. I ended up getting trapped like a mouse on a glue trap. I finished it in one sitting and Mr. Hesler owes me a few hours of missed sleep. Each story was connected in a virtually imperceptible way. They felt separate. The poems were deep and a bit disturbing. Mr. Hesler the landscape of your imagination is a very queer, I’m not sure I’d like to visit.
Regardless, I give this book 5 twinkling stars. I cannot wait to read more of Hesler’s ensnaring stories!
As a post script here in posting my ratings in various spots I noticed something, this book has extremely high ratings. For those wondering about this, everyone of them is on the money!

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