The Seven Kingdoms Comes to Life

“A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin continues from the last book with no break in the tale. Its very hard to not to want to grab the next book and stay with the new friends you make as you read this series. I haven’t as of yet been able to start another book or series. I have a need to stay in this world. Coming from me, who is an adulterer in the fiction world, skipping from story to story with little regard, that is impressive. I love anything with a story between its covers. Being faithful to one series is not my M. O. That being said Book Two keeps you in the middle of all the stories Martin is weaving. The surprising twists and turns don’t stop, even as backgrounds get filled in. In my experience the second book of a series is usually slow and a bit of a bear to get through. Martin does not allow the story to slow down and that completely impresses me.
These books should be considered classics in the future. Martin is a literary genius and I am now a true fan. I give this book 5 twinkling stars and an extra credit star for inspiring literary faithfulness in this reader.


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