For the Tolkien Fans

I am an unashamed Tolkien fan. I love the world of Middle Earth. For those that understand that stance I truly believe you will enjoy “A Game of Thrones” by George R. R. Martin.
I wasn’t sure I would enjoy having to keep up with several separate stories. Other books that written in this style seem so choppy and difficult to follow. Martin takes this style from near slop to an artistic level. Each chapter is devoted to a different character. The characters are different ages, sexes, histories, and personalities. They are situated in different situations and locations around this wonderfully developed world Martin has made. Yet the tales intertwine so beautifully. Each person in this story is so real and so deep with layers of personality you feel like you know them. The descriptions leave you feeling like you’ve seen a photograph yet not overly flowery or wordy.
Needless to say I truly enjoyed this book. My rating 4.75 twinkling stars.

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