How Do I Compare Thee, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I recently overcame my dread and watched “The Hunger Games.” I was terrified because how do you take one of the most wonderful books written in a while and turn it into an equally wonderful movie. The answer is you can’t. My dh watched it with me and had the” well its okay but,” attitude. I will admit I would have been completely lost at points without having previously read the book. Was it me or did they cut so much of the story out there were defiantly parts that didn’t make sense? I am glad they didn’t turn it into a blood bath thriller and kept the point similar. Overall, I was pretty disappointed but I would watch it again and I still can’t wait to see what they do for book two “Catching Fire.”
On a different note this series should be on every required reading list and taught in every school. The books are an amazing political piece, if you approach them that way. My final thought for you this post, its 2089 after a bloody civil war from 2012-2015 we have a “Capitol”- like government could your grandkids be in the Hunger Games?

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