What Faction Are You? Divergent by Veronica Roth

Wow! Veronica Roth has totally blown me away with “Divergent.” I loved the world she created and the people in it. Ms. Roth has a way of description that brings her world to life without being wordy. I can picture the simplistic homes and faces of the people of Abnegation; the darkness of the Dauntless; the black and white of Candor; the glass dome filled with light of the Erudite; and the trees and gardens of Amity.

This story follows a girl named Tris as she shows aptitude in three factions during a coming of age process. They title her Divergent as everyone else only tests into one. She chooses Dauntless, and leaves her family. Faction before blood is the rule. There she struggles through the process of initiation. She also struggles to hide her divergence and her crush on her instructor. It is a beautifully written political piece about the need for more than one mode of thought. We need bravery and intelligence and truth and peace and selflessness to truly be wise enough to keep our country strong.
As I have said in other reviews of this book, “To those that think its a copy cat phenomenon, many people are worried about the state of the government and country. All it takes are those political leanings and an imagination to see the scary possiblities these books present. Hunger games, Matched, City of Ember, and Divergent all present a US post-war picture. Read them with the political climate in mind you’ll start to wonder too.”

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